Dentistry and endodontics

A few things about these two subjects:

Dentistry refers to the structure, development and diseases that can affect the teeth, with emphasis on prevention and treatment. Endodontic treatment consists of removing all content inside the tooth and the microbial flora at the same time, created by the caries process and sealing, three-dimensional canals to prevent microbial repopulation of the tooth in question.

At Estedent, the consultation is FREE. For dentistry and endodontics services, our dental clinic charges the following fees:

Obturation GRADIA/GENIAL FUJI/MIRACLE MIX – 40-50/15 Euro
Pulpectomy, monoradicular teeth – 40 Euro
Pulpectomy, pluriradicular teeth – 50 Euro
Bandage – 15 Euro
Capping – 15 Euro