Dental prosthetics

Prostheses (fixed, mobile or movable) can be applied both on natural teeth and implants. The variety of dental materials and techniques currently available offers many possibilities for achieving these dentures, each with its advantages.

Here are some options:

  • chrome alloy support and composite veneers
  • chrome alloy support and ceramic crowns (porcelain)
  • zirconium support and ceramic crowns
  • Ceramic facets that apply only on the visible part of the tooth, thus also contributing to achieving esthetic teeth
  • dental skeletal prosthesis (the fixed part is cemented on patient’s teeth)
  • overdenture, where the patient’s bone does not allow insertion of a sufficient number of implants to perform a fixed work

At Estedent dental clinic, consultation is FREE. For our dental prosthetics services, we practice the following fees:

Cementing – 10 Euro
RCD (root crown device) – 20 Euro
Metal-acrylic crown – 50 Euro
All composite esthetic crown – 75 Euro
Ceramic crown – 120 Euro
Classic prosthesis – 250 Euro
Rigid-flexible prosthesis – 300 Euro
Elastic brace – 350 Euro